Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Woman Wins £9K After Bosses Forgot To Invite Her To Christmas Party

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Social rejection is an inevitable part of adulthood. No one likes being left out by friends or colleagues, mostly as humans survive on social belonging and a sense of community. Feeling ignored has lead people to depression and insecurities, but for Catriona Howie, it resulted in an incredible breakthrough.

Catriona Howie recently won up to £9K after her bosses forgot to invite her to a Xmas party while on maternity leave. A tribunal ruled the neglect with compensation and claimed it an injury to her feelings. Mrs. Howie, however, did lose the claim that a colleague had discriminated against her by mocking her decision to name her newborn after Singer Elvis Presley.

Catriona Howie recently won up to £9K after her bosses forgot to invite her to a Xmas party while on maternity leave

Pixabay (not the actual image)

Since 2013, Mrs. Howie had worked for the luxury kitchen and design firm – Holloways of Ludlow as their manager. Specifically, Howie left for maternity leave in 2017, and the company had agreed she would return to work the following summer. But Holloways, who has showrooms in London, decided not to hold a traditional Xmas party that year and organized a pub trip.

The firm’s bosses placed £200 behind the bar and informed staff by word of mouth and via text message


The firm’s bosses placed £200 behind the bar and told staff by word of mouth and via text message. As reported by DailyMail, the director, identified as Sarah Nelson, told the hearing that it didn’t occur to invite Mrs. Howie. ‘It wasn’t a proper party, and nor was it a normal year.’ Mrs. Nelson explained. The new mom also informed the hearing that she felt a conscious effort was put in place to make her feel unwelcome in the firm.

Mrs. Howie admitted she was shocked when she was informed her role was no longer required having arranged her return to work after the leave. She found the company guilty of maternity discrimination, and Judge Corinna Ferguson agreed, saying she was overlooked because she was on maternity leave.

The tribunal in Croydon, South London, found that mom had been unfairly dismissed and urged the firm to consider an award between £900 – £8800 and £1027 in unpaid wages and holiday pay


Nonetheless, the tribunal in Croydon, South London, found that mom had been unfairly dismissed and urged the firm to consider an award of between £900 – £8800 and £1027 in unpaid wages and holiday pay.

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