Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Woman Urged to Ditch ‘Date’ After Posting Video of What’s in His Glasses Reflection

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A woman seems to have caught her man swiping on a dating app in front of her eyes when she saw the reflection of his screen in his glasses.

She then shared the video on TikTok, and people were urging her to leave him.

The woman filmed her date scrolling on his device at the table, fully unaware of what was going on. But once she zoomed in on his glasses, people could clearly see that he was using a dating app.

On the caption she wrote:

“I wish I was kidding.”

The video was seen around half a million times but it seems the original was deleted.

TikTok @hangoversteer

People were leaving comments on the video in hopes to persuade the woman to leave the guy without warning.

“That’s when you ‘go to the bathroom,’” one person wrote.

Another said:

“I’d just leave. No explanation. Just, byeeee. Trust me, it would feel so good.”

However, it seems like the “date” may not even have been an actual date…

Because the man in the video posted his own video from the “date night”. He shared the first video and then filmed the woman doing the same thing as he did, which he also recorded in the reflection in her glasses.

At the end of his video, the two turned to the camera and said “nothing is real.”

People were relieved to find out they seemed to be just friends and no one was betrayed.

One person wrote:

“I’m so happy it was a joke!” 

Another commented:

“Oh now the tables turn.”

Fake or real, these posters are not the only ones who have caught their romantic interests using dating apps right in front of their eyes.

The channel “Messy TikTok” has lots of clips of dates gone bad and people finding out they’ve been cheated on. Check it out!

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