Friday, April 23, 2021

Woman Revealed Trolls Called Her Post-Baby Body ‘Disgusting’ And Said She’d ‘Ruined’ Her Body

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If there’s anything that a mother hates hearing about after having a baby, that would be about how their bodies have changed. It feels like the body inflated way more than just in the tummy region. But it’s very normal for mothers to gain weight, and even healthy, because they need all that nutrition and energy.

The hormone plays a big part in pregnancy and post-partum. Your body is working biologically to prepare you for motherhood. Plus, parenting is a 24/7 job that you don’t get to take breaks from two kids.


But fitness model Emily Skye always make time for working out and staying fit. Yet, her expectations are not insane – despite her tight gym schedule, she prioritizes her job as a wife and mother. The James Cosmetics owner shares her life journey on Instagram very regularly, recently documenting her post-partum journey.


She has, however, received some pretty unsightly comments about her bodies. On a post showing a selfie as well as a video of her posing and showing off her flat tummy, Emily wrote a series of insults she received.

“RIP fit body,” read one of the negative comments.


Reacting to the unpleasant comments on her body, she wrote, “You know what though? I’d rather it come from others than myself.”

“What I think of myself & constantly tell myself is FAR more important than what others think & say to me.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣”


She emphasizes that she loves her body and reminds others to love theirs as well. As a mother who has to deal with the post-partum body even more intensely than others because she’s a fitness model, she wrote, “I made a promise to myself the day I gave birth to my son Izaac that if I were ever to have negative thoughts about my body, I’d remind myself of what it’s done for me & how blessed I am.”

She added she hasn’t found a moment where she had to remind herself of that, yet.


She continued her message, “Love for yourself & your body isn’t easy & takes time to learn how to do it but I believe it’s SO important. The best way to love your body I think is to appreciate what it DOES for you – focus on that & nourish it with nutritious food, exercise & rest.”


The Emily Skye Fit founder lives with her family-of-four in Gold Coast, Australia. She knows that these negative comments aren’t constructive and are only meant to bring her down. They do ‘upset me initially,’ but she learned to let them go.

“I truly loved my body throughout my pregnancies, right after giving birth & I love it just as it is right now & will continue to love it for the rest of my life,” she continued writing.

“I have even more reason to since becoming a mother & I want to be a good example for them.”


She proceeded to thank the ‘nasty people’ for their comments because they taught her to be stronger and resilient. She then explains that she’ll be back fit and strong again because she does it on her own terms.

“I’m feeling better, stronger & fitter every single day!”


In a previous post, Emily wrote that she gets frustrated with her own progress as well. She had to remind herself that it takes time and wrote, “I can either choose to let it demotivate me or stop focusing on seeing progress & try to be consistent with training & eating well as much as I can.⁣”

A beautiful family! Emily had just welcomed baby Izaac who’s now 6-month old and her eldest daughter, Mia, is now 3.


She got this! Haters have no right to comment about a mom’s body that does nothing but put people down.

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