Saturday, June 19, 2021

Why You Rarely Hear About Seann William Scott

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Despite being typecast as a guy cut out for playing louts, jerks, blowhards, and fools, Seann William Scott has occasionally been given the chance to play roles that weren’t similar to or derivative of Stifler. In 2003, he co-starred as Kar in Bulletproof Monk, a comic book adaptation and English-language vehicle for Hong Kong star Chow Yun-Fat. A little bit of a fantasy, a little bit of a comedy, and mostly a martial arts action movie, Bulletproof Monk was too many things to attract too big of an audience, earning $37 million worldwide against a $52 million budget.

Not only was it a flop with viewers, critics didn’t care for Bulletproof Monk either. Slate‘s David Edelstein complained “of the film’s millisecond cuts” and fight scenes that were “chopped into scores of little kicks and punches and leaps that don’t cut together.” Ed Gonzalez of Slant was even harsher, calling the movie “infinitely juvenile,” a slam that had to affect Scott, who told the San Francisco Chronicle that he made the movie in the hopes that it would get “the audience into that [more serious] aspect of what I can do.” Unfortunately, that backfired, with Scott bearing the blame for the box office failure and not igniting the passions of filmgoers.

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