Thursday, April 22, 2021

Why Storage Wars’ Mary had Secret Service around

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Mary Padian attended the University of Texas at Austin where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in photojournalism in 2003. This also just so happens to be the college and time period when the daughter of President George W. Bush, famous troublemaker Jenna Bush, went to the school. During a podcast interview with The Mystery Men back in 2016, Padian revealed she not only knew the Bush daughter but was actually her roommate for a while.

After the hosts goad her into revealing her famous former roommate, they then ask her whether she saw a lot of Secret Service details during this time. She confirms that there were definitely a lot of agents around, so by proxy, she sort of ended up with Secret Service protection as well. She goes on to explain, “It was crazy, but it was her life. She didn’t choose it, you know? She was indifferent to it, you know, it was fine but it wasn’t.” The hosts then ask what it was like to go to a college bar requiring that kind of protection, and Padian reveals that she would often forget they were there. It sounds as though these guys were professionals who would just kind of blend in, and while it’s kind of strange to look back on it now, at the time she tried to pay it no mind.

Following graduation, Padian landed a job with Architectural Digest, and was mentored directly by editor-in-chief Paige Rense. Years later, she’d return to Texas to start Mary’s Finds. No word on if Padian has kept in touch with Bush, but it’s certainly an entertaining story to tell.

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