Saturday, June 19, 2021

Why People Think Watch Dogs Had One Of The Worst Game Endings Ever

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In the story of Watch Dogs, the driving force behind much of the player’s actions is the death of the main character’s niece. During a job, a hitman tries to take the main character — Aiden — out. But in the ensuing car crash, Aiden’s niece is killed instead. Aiden spends much of the game seeking revenge, though he does get side-tracked with a global conspiracy to control the world through a universal operating system.

Nevertheless, at the very end, you finally confront the hitman involved in your niece’s death and you can choose to either shoot or spare him. Unfortunately, either way, there isn’t much difference; one selection just gets you a little bit more dialogue. Then the end credits roll and you’re free to tie up any side-quests you missed.

Not exactly what a player wants after spending the entirety of a game chasing the bad guy. It essentially turned an otherwise complex moral issue into a reductive, binary choice. And neither choice seemed very rewarding.

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