Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Why Frozen Mice Are Better Than Live For Your Snake

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Feeding your snake frozen mice is a better option for your pet than using live food. There are several major advantages to using pre-killed feeders as opposed to live. They are safer, easier to buy in bulk, and you can store several months of meals easily.

Using live rodents can be a risky proposition for a snake owner. Like any animal, they would prefer not to be made another animals dinner. The mice will fight back if it has an option. It can claw, bite, and scratch. This can cause unnecessary injury for your pet. If your snake doesn’t get a clean kill and subdue the feeder right away, this can be a distinct possibility. This is not a problem with frozen mice for obvious reasons.

A worse possibility is if you have a larger snake like a red tail boa that dines on larger food like rats. They are more aggressive than your common mouse. It has been told that rats left alone with a disinterest snake will actually try and feed off it instead. It may start eating its way all the way to the back bone if it gets the chance. This is a good reason to remove your prey from the tank if your snake is not interested in eating and try again later.

Buying in bulk is another great benefit to using frozen mice. When you shop at your local brick and mortar pet store, the supply you are able to get is a lot smaller and may only last for a week or two before you have to go back. Also, the prices tend to be higher than when you buy in bulk. Bulk pricing is usually quite attractive when you buy in large quantities, like fifty at a time. You may also be able to get discounted or free shipping to really increase your savings.

When buying in large quantities you can store several months’ worth of meals and avoid having to run out to the store every couple of weeks. The frozen pinkie mice are usually vacuum packaged and flash frozen. This makes it quite convenient and easy to store in your freezer.

You can see that there are many advantages of using frozen or live mice when you feed your snake. It is the best way to keep your pet safe while at the same time getting great prices and avoiding trips back and forth to the pet store.

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