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Why Chango From American Gods Season 3 Looks Familiar

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Chango is Arisha’s partner and a character who doesn’t actually appear in Gaiman’s novel but appears as a figure in several African religions. According to Entertainment Weekly, the diety is “a fiery, silver-tongued Orisha” who has a significant connection between Shadow and his unexplored past. Arming himself with two axes, this warrior spirit has an “electrifying charisma” and “selfless passion, Bleeding Cool reports, and is slated to make his debut in episode 4, according to IMDb.

In addition to his appearances as Chango in season 3 of American Gods, Wale has a handful of other screen credits to his name. That includes a season 2 appearance on HBO comedy Crashing as a rapper trying to sell his mixed tape to series star Pete Holmes’ fictionalized version of himself (via Complex). After sharing the struggles of his hustle, including police racism, general air pollution, and the strain of having to stand “all day, all night,” Holmes tells Wale he doesn’t want the $10 tape. That incites the rapper to charge Holmes with racism, declaring, “Another white man taking advantage of another brother, huh? It’s always a racial thing in America. And your white guilt is showing all over the place.”

He also more recently appeared as James Wallace in DC Noir, a 2019 four-part crime anthology based on a series of shorts written by novelist and screenwriter George Pelecanos, former writer and producer for HBO’s The Wire. Filmed entirely in the nation’s capital and screening at film festivals like Tribecca, the indie series follows a young man and veteran cop navigate the city’s rough underbelly; two friends have their relationship tested after a drug deal goes south; an adulterous duo who plan the murder of a spouse; and another man who has fallen from grace as he attempts to find redemption in a single act.

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