Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Why Bonham From Walker Looks So Familiar

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On Sons of Anarchy, Pileggi plays Ernest Darby, a character who appears in 14 episodes of the popular Hamlet adaptation. His role in this series stands out a bit on his résumé, which is otherwise loaded with notable rule-followers and authority figures. You see, Darby is a tattooed neo-Nazi antagonist leading a heroin- and meth-dealing gang called the Nordics.

“The guy that I’m playing is about as nasty as it gets. It’s fun to play because I’m going back to my bad-guy roots,” Pileggi said of the role (via Collider).

He appears mostly in the first two seasons of the series, and at the end of the second season, viewers didn’t know what his fate will be following a fire at the Cara Cara Studio. The character later reveals himself to have survived the blaze, but badly damaged, and by season 6, Darby turns a corner. When we finally catch up with him, the character has found Jesus and retired from the criminal life, but his knowledge of the neo-Nazi scene helps the Sons of Anarchy.

That was Pileggi’s final episode, completing the character arc of Darby, otherwise known (according to Den of Geek) as “Charming’s most inept thug.”

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