Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Who Plays Billy’s Daughter In Mountain Dew’s Gremlins Commercial?

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Outside of one TV appearance, Bartow’s past performance history is comprised of entirely of roles in short films. Her film debut was in Regressions. In the 2014 film, Bartow appears alongside actor Eloise Lushina (who has been cast to star in the upcoming feature Graybeard). Bartow’s subsequent credits then include starring roles in three additional shorts. Burn Out, her second role, was an animated film, for which she provided the voice of Stella, the space-faring protagonist whose vehicle breaks down on a desert planet. Burn Out‘s director, Cécile Carre, also worked in the art department on Despicable Me 3. In 2019, she starred in Transplant, where she played the mother of a child in need of a heart transplant: this short’s director, Nick Wilson, had previously worked as a producer and director on the reality TV series My Wedding Story. Finally, Bartow starred in the horror short Flagged, which was included in Hulu’s “Huluween” virtual film festival in 2019.

Bartow’s other, non-starring roles have included a part in the 2019 short film Sub, directed by Matt Berns (an assistant to Michael Dowse), which deals with family trauma, estrangement, and alcoholism in a 1970s suburban town. Finally, Bartow played a minor, unnamed role in the Ryan Murphy-produced Netflix series Hollywood.

In any case, if Billy does end up having a goth daughter in Chris Columbus’ Gremlins 3 script, there’s no reason Bartow couldn’t return to the role. Given the obstacles in the way of Gremlins 3 seeing the light of day, though her turn in the Gremlins-verse very well may remain limited to the recent Mountain Dew spot. Nonetheless, it seems likely that Bartow herself may continue scoring bigger and bigger roles in the future, Gremlins-related or not.

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