Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Who Is The Actor In The Dr. Squatch Super Bowl 2021 Commercial?

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James Schrader is the talented brand rep in the Dr. Squatch Super Bowl commercial. Mainly focusing on comedy, Screader’s career has taken him all over America with a variety of improv and comedy groups. According to his personal webpage, Schrader didn’t get into commercials until 2018, when he first collaborated with Raindrop Branding and Marketing for the Dr. Squatch ads. After finding success with that campaign, Schrader went on to share his talent with other major brands.

In addition to Dr. Squatch, Schrader has also participated in commercials for companies like William Painter, WORX Power Tools, and Soapy Joe’s. One ad that he co-wrote and acted in for the San Diego Symphony even won an Emmy. This ad featured him alongside Nicole Aimée Schreiber, another accomplished comedian who’s worked with Netflix and Comedy Central. Together, they both delivered hilarious performances in the name of selling tickets for the San Diego Symphony.

While this Super Bowl commercial for Dr. Squatch is his most recent ad for the company, it most certainly isn’t their first collaboration. In the past, Schrader and Squatch have teamed up for longer ads that spend more than just 30 seconds pitching the products, but still find the actor nailing every single line with ease. Considering his recurring familiarity with the brand, it’s more than likely audiences will continue to be graced by Schrader’s presence in future Dr. Squatch commercials.

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