Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Where You’ve Seen The Cast Of Evil Before

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As with a number of guest stars on Evil, Caroline Hopkins is a small role but a memorable character that may hold greater impact for the future of the series. As a woman who may or may not be possessed, Caroline is the catalyst for fractures among the team, with the often torturous exorcism methods of Father Amara and even David bringing them into conflict with the medical ethics of Dr. Boggs and Kristen. Pittman skillfully plays Caroline as a woman caught between lucidity and insanity, a woman who may be hosting a demonic entity or just deeply mentally ill.

Pittman is a relative newcomer, with her breakout role playing Elizabeth’s mark and Alcoholics Anonymous friend, Lisa, on FX’s critically acclaimed Cold War drama The Americans. However, comic book fans will definitely know her from her previous team-up with Mike Colter, Marvel’s Netflix hit Luke Cage, where she played no-nonsense veteran Deputy Chief Priscilla Ridley. Pittman has also had a number of memorable recurring TV roles in the last two years, playing Lenore Pool in the Paul Rudd-led dramedy Living With Yourself, FBI Agent Vanessa Kroll on Homeland, Market Equities CEO and antagonist Willa Hayes on Yellowstone, and producer Mia Jordan on the drama The Morning Show. As for movies, you may recognize her from her roles as Dismukes’ mother in Kathryn Bigelow’s brutal historical drama Detroit, or her brief appearance as a reporter in The Bourne Legacy.

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