Monday, May 10, 2021

What to expect in Fortnite’s New Year’s Eve 2021 event

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The first look at New Year’s Eve 2021 in Fortnite came courtesy of Twitter user @ximton, who regularly posts Fortnite leaks. They shared a still image of fireworks lighting up the in-game sky shaped like “2021” and what appears to be a present or crown.

A few days later, fellow Fortnite leaker @m1fnbr shared a video that appeared to show the upcoming celebration, which features a disco ball, spotlights, and a large number of regular fireworks beyond the previously shared “2021” design.

Commenters have noted, some with derision and others simply observationally, that this is functionally identical to Fortnite‘s New Year’s Eve celebrations in past years. While fireworks and lighting effects may not be all Epic ultimately has planned, the precedent set by previous years means that what’s been leaked so far could very well be the full extent of the celebration.

At the very least, to set this year apart, Epic is currently selling an emote that allows players to cathartically pop a 2020 balloon and replace it with an inflatable 2021.

Fortnite‘s Chapter 2 – Season 5 is still ongoing, as is its “Operation Snowdown” Christmas-themed event. These will both continue into the new year.

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