Saturday, May 8, 2021

What The Critics Are Saying About Persona 5 Strikers

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Even though Atlus teamed up with Koei Tecmo, a developer known for its Musou-style action games, Strikers still feels like a Persona game. Chris Carter at Destructoid explained, “Strikers oozes style even when you’re messing around the equipment system.” Ultimately, Carter concluded that “it’s kind of just a more chill Persona 5.” Strikers isn’t as long as Persona 5, and only clocks in at about 45 hours of gameplay, though unlockable modes provide additional replay value.

Kotaku reviewer Ash Parrish pointed out that there are many ways Strikers in which can help a pandemic-depressed America take a vacation, all without ever leaving home. In describing the journey that the Phantom Thieves take through Japan’s countryside, Parrish said, “My joy playing Strikers was largely derived from this road trip.” Parrish noted that it’s particularly fun to tour through Japan while snowed in in America, and that the food tourism aspect of the game adds a new dimension to gameplay. Strikers includes a new cooking mechanic to fuel the Phantom Thieves voracious appetites. Parrish noted that the teens’ obsession with food was “some of the most authentic writing of teenagers in a video game that I’ve seen.”

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