Tuesday, May 11, 2021

What The Cast Of Stand By Me Should Look Like

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The Body is narrated by Gordon “Gordie” LaChance as an adult, decades after the events of the story take place. Accordingly, he’s one of the least described characters. At the start, older Gordie admits to gray hair and not having aged that well, which matches the movie’s casting of a grizzled Richard Dreyfuss. However, in a moment of metatext, older book-Gordie talks about having become a famous writer. If we want to see his face, he says, we can look at his author photo. This suggests Gordie might look like Stephen King, without glasses.

In the story, young Gordie wears a Timex watch, old blue jeans, and worn sneakers, most of which match the on-screen costuming. The closest we come to an actual description of him is when the convenience store owner gushes about how Gordie is the “spitting image” of his brother, Dennis. Beyond this, we know Gordie has sunburn on his upper body, as well as his cheeks. Gordie also sustains a number of injuries in the story that don’t happen on screen, like skinning his knee and tearing his jeans after escaping from Chopper in the junkyard. Adult Gordie has a scar where that leech bit him, but he lies about how it happened.

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