Saturday, June 19, 2021

What Is The True Story Behind The Conjuring?

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The Conjuring is set in 1971 and is based on the Perrons, a family of seven who want a fresh start in a new home. Unfortunately, the home is already occupied by a very evil spirit — Bathsheba — who clearly doesn’t want the innocent family in her home. She latches herself onto Carolyn Perron (Lili Taylor), the mother, which leads the poor family down a spiral of mayhem and a lot of lost sleep.

In real life, the Perron home, also referred to as the Old Arnold Estate, is still standing and is located in Harrisville, Rhode Island. Roger and Carolyn Perron purchased the house in 1970 and lived there (why!?) until June 1980. Apparently, eight generations of one extended family lived and died in the house, and as we know, some of them never left. It wasn’t required in Rhode Island to disclose what happened in the house to new owners, so the unsuspecting Perron family went in blind.

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