Wednesday, April 14, 2021

What Breaking Bad fans are now noticing about Skyler

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Reddit user EntertainmentBorn761 kicked off a conversation about Breaking Bad‘s most maligned character by starting a thread titled “Skyler White is a solid character.” In it, they make the simple point that despite what they and others may have felt during the show’s initial run, “She really wasn’t that bad.”

User GlennQuagglechek wrote in with a simple suggestion for those who professed to loathe the character: “Anyone who hates [Skyler] should rewatch the show a few times and see if they have the same opinion. The more you rewatch the more you have sympathy for her.” Several other users were already one step ahead of them. As user NYHikes wrote, “I couldn’t stand her on my first watch. And then when I re-watched for the first time […] I thought ‘This woman woke up one day to her husband telling her he’s a meth drug king pin and is involved with the cartel, etc. etc.’ and she TRIED TO HELP KEEP HIS MONEY CLEAN and didn’t turn him in […] Such an under appreciated character.”

User LifeEnthusiast021 had a similar take. They admitted, “I’m guilty of hating her (I was 17-18 when I watched the series. So naive). Now 8 years later, I’ve watched the series again with a new mindset. Of course her feelings were valid […]” Another user, Feefifofanna, brought up something Gunn talked about in her op-ed: “She is a great character and it’s so sad that people hated for her because they were rooting for Walt even though Walt is an objectively s—– person.”

The reappraisal of Skyler isn’t something that’s limited to the Breaking Bad subreddit. In fact, there has been a larger cultural conversation about the character going on since the show ended.

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