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What Are “Best Friends” on Nintendo Switch?

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Nintendo Switch Hero - Version 2

On a Nintendo Switch, you can mark certain friends as your “Best Friends.” These people are your core group of trusted friends. Here’s what a Best Friend is and how to take full advantage of the special status in Settings.

What Does the “Best Friends” Feature Do?

“Best Friend” status on the Nintendo Switch is partly a way to “favorite” a friend. It’s a way to mark your closest friends on the Switch so that they always appear at the top of your friends list. Your Best Friends will have a star in their icon on your friends list.

The Best Friends status also enables you to share your online status and play activity with only a core group of trusted friends if you make certain changes in your settings.

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How to Make Someone a Best Friend on the Nintendo Switch

Making someone a Best Friend is easy on the Switch. First, the person you’d like to give “Best Friend” status to needs to be a regular friend. So if you haven’t done so, add them as a friend first.

Once the person is friended, press the “Home” button to navigate to the Home screen. Visit your user profile by selecting your player icon in the upper-left corner of the screen.

On the Switch Home screen, select your user profile icon.

In the sidebar menu of your profile page, select “Friend List.” Then browse through the friend list on the right portion of the screen and select the person you’d like to make a Best Friend.

On your Switch profile page, select "Friend List," then select the friend you'd like to make a Best Friend.

Under the friend’s name, you’ll see a “Best Friends” option. Select it and press the “A” button.

Select "Best Friends" on the Switch under the friend's name.

The star will fill in, showing that the player is now marked as a Best Friend.

When someone is marked "Best Friend" on the Switch, the star below their name will fill in.

Push the “B” button to go back one screen. Back on the friends list, you’ll notice that any Best Friends will have a star in the upper-left corner of their player icon.

An example of the "Best Friend" star in the upper-left corner of the friend's player icon.

You’ll also notice that any friends marked “Best Friend” will always appear at the front (or top) of your Friend List ahead of regular friends. Would you expect anything less for a best friend? I think not!

How to Share or View Statuses, Activity, and Invitations with Best Friends Only

Now that you have a Best Friend (or several), you can explore some of the advanced benefits that being Best Friends can bring. For example, the Switch lets you share your online status or play activity with only your Best Friends. That way, only your core group of friends will know when you’re playing your Switch—and what you’ve been playing on it. Here’s an overview of each option and what it does.

If you’d like to display your play activity (the list of games you’ve played recently) to your Best Friends only, then pull up your profile page (your avatar icon on the Home screen) and navigate to User Settings > Play Activity Settings. Select “Display play activity to” and choose “Best Friends.”

In Switch User Settings, set "Display play activity to" to "Best Friends."

If you’d like for only your Best Friends to know when you’re online, open your profile page, then navigate to User Settings > Friend Settings. Select “Display online status to” and choose “Best Friends.”

In Switch User Settings, set "Display play online status to" to "Best Friends."

If you’d like to see pop-up notifications only when Best Friends go online (but not any other friends), then pull up your profile page and navigate to User Settings > Friend Settings > Friend-Notification Settings and choose “Notify When Friends Go Online.” In the list that appears, select “Best Friends Only.”

In Switch User Settings, set "Notify When Friends Go Online" to "Best Friends Only."

And finally, if you’d like to see game invitation notifications from Best Friends only, visit your profile page and navigate to User Settings > Friend Settings > Friend-Notification Settings and choose “Invite Notifications.” Select “Best Friends Only” from the list.

In Switch User Settings, set "Invite Notifications" to "Best Friends Only."

As you can see, setting (or being) a Best Friend can have great benefits on the Switch. It can work as a way to filter out casual friends, preserve some privacy, or reduce notification interruptions. Happy gaming!

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