Friday, April 23, 2021

We Can Be Heroes 2 release date, cast, and plot

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No official synopsis is out yet, so we’re left to ponder what the superhero sequel could be about. The first film ended with the kids rescuing their parents, but it’s revealed that the whole plot was orchestrated by the aliens to train the children to learn to work as part of a team so that they could take over as guardians of Earth without parental supervision. Now that the kids have a little more control over their powers, a sequel could further explore these characters coming into their own.

It’s a world of endless possibilities, and Rodriguez isn’t short on ideas, either. In an interview with Digital Spy, Rodriguez stated, “I already have lots of ideas for more kids in the future, more adventures, they’re just now becoming a team. You could go on and on with this.” It sounds as though more heroes will come into the fold. As for the original team, the same basic Spy Kids progression could serve We Can Be Heroes, allowing us to watch these kids grow up across several films.

It’s a lot of speculation at this point, but we’ll add the information here as it becomes available.

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