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WandaVision Creator Jac Schaeffer Talks Origin Of The Series, MCU Initiation With Black Widow, More

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WandaVision is easily one of the most creative shows I’ve seen on TV in a long, long time, and it really takes the MCU to new and unfamiliar heights. I’m wondering if you could take me back to that first meeting — that pitch meeting with Kevin Feige, presumably — about the series. What do you recall about his initial reaction to the pitch, and how much did you fine tune things from there?

First of all, thank you for your sentiments, that’s very sweet and I’m thrilled that’s been your reaction to the show.

So I heard about the project kind of early on not directly from Kevin but from another executive at Marvel, and I was instantly intrigued and desperately wanted to be a part of it. I spoke with my producer, Mary Livanos, quite a bit before I met with Kevin and they had the concept of WandaVision and sitcoms and the history of sitcoms, and they had a lot of different ideas, notions, and visuals, and it was all really exciting. It was like a fabulous Halloween candy bag full of wonderful goodies. I took some time with it and came up with what I thought would be a compelling through line to unite all of these ideas and pitched it. It was a very comprehensive pitch, and it broke everything into episodes, and they liked it. I put a [writer’s] room together and worked with my team to make it a reality.

Now obviously COVID has turned release schedules upside down and inside out, so I’m not sure which one came first in terms of timing, but regardless of that, I’m wondering if your work on the story for Black Widow and the creation of WandaVision informed each other in any sort of way, and if so, how.

I mean, in terms of process there was some cross-pollination for me, just because I worked on Black Widow first. There was a tremendous learning curve for how Marvel operates, and what their philosophies are in terms of story and character and even [when the projects are] released. That was incredible to learn all of that, and then I think I brought many of those lessons to WandaVision. But they’re very different projects because one is a feature and one is TV, and it was very exciting to be a part of WandaVision at the time, because this was one of the first shows being put together [in the post-Disney+ MCU]. So there was a lot of discovery there. I feel very lucky to have been there at that time.

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