Saturday, June 19, 2021

Wanda Maximoff’s Serial Killer Traits On WandaVision Explained

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As Dr. Marcum explains, Wanda’s creation of a false reality is actually super dark — and makes her much more like a serial killer than you might think. In fact, Dr. Marcum goes as far as to compare Wanda to a classic psychopath.

“Wanda is keeping an entire town hostage and manipulating their minds for her benefit,” Dr. Marcum reveals. “Psychopaths or serial killers behave in ways that directly benefit themselves without consideration or concern for the consequences inflicted on others. In fact, psychopaths often enjoy the experience of others suffering. Manipulating an entire town and essentially keeping the citizens’ hostage is a sign of disregard for societal norms and justifying a means to an end on her own terms.”

“Her entire world is a lie for her own personal gain,” the doctor continues. “Psychopaths have no remorse for engaging in behaviors that harm others. The tendency to lie for personal gain is common among serial killers and Wanda has not shown any desire to recognize the bigger picture or look at her part in the circumstances that manifest around her.”

To make matters worse, when Wanda is confronted by S.W.O.R.D., she lashes out at the agents — and even Vision — when they try to stop her. As Dr. Marcum told Looper, this is yet another serial killer trait. “When her intelligence or charm does not work to control her situation she lashes out with violence,” Dr. Marcum says. “Her charm is waning on Vision as he starts to learn the reality of what she is doing. Superficial charm is often a trait of serial killers (think Ted Bundy) and is used to manipulate others for their gain. When charm doesn’t work and the result is violence, this is definitely a sign of pathological behavior.”

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