Saturday, June 19, 2021

Twitter Has Some Choice Words About The Weeknd’s Super Bowl Show

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The modern internet traveler can transform the most innocuous images into memes, and The Weekend’s performance is full of screenshots begging for exactly that treatment. One of the most fascinating takeaways from The Weekend’s performance came from Courtney Theriault, a reporter for City News Edmonton, who pointed out that the halftime’s first act, which featured singers standing behind building cutouts, looked remarkably similar to the opening of The Muppet Show. Meanwhile, Ryan Schocket had a sizzling take on The Weekend’s dizzying performance: instead of experiencing nausea when the show entered the mirror-laden corridor, Schocket  joked that the scene was an artist’s rendition of what Pizza Rolls would see while being cooked in the microwave. But seriously, who microwaves Pizza Rolls anyway?

Even though many viewers likened the backup dancers to the creepy legion of doppelgangers in Us, many also roasted the camera work, especially when The Weeknd entered the hallway. Twitter users cited memes to rib the blurry camera, as well as when the cameraman momentarily lost sight of The Weeknd. However, the most important comment was spawned from The Weeknd’s backup performers. While the artist says they were a commentary on celebrity culture, Twitter user Rachel Agnes offered up that her mother noticed that they all wore masks and stood six feet apart. Even though The Weeknd got to perform in a stadium, he still enforced social distancing on the field!

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