Saturday, May 8, 2021

Tips For Using The Spitfire In Apex Legends Season 8

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Ultimately, of course, players should use the weapons they’re most comfortable with. YouTuber Frothy suggested that players should diversify their weapon expertise as much as possible, and calls the Spitfire “low C-tier, high D-tier” in comparison to other guns. Frothy also argued that because other guns are technically comparable to the Spitfire, players should consider a wide variety of weapons. He did, however, conclude that “your fun is not wrong,” meaning players should ultimately play with whatever weapon they like best.

Chicken9Man had a completely different opinion on the Spitfire, and argued that it’s the best gun in the game. Chicken9Man said that when players use the Spitfire, they must “adopt a different playstyle” that they might not be familiar with. One tip to consider is that firing up close and personal may be the best option, especially because other players might not expect the Spitfire to be the damage dealer that it is. Chicken9Man commented that hoarding ammo and holding down the fire button on the Spitfire is immensely satisfying.

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