Thursday, May 6, 2021

This is why the Nokia N-Gage was a complete flop

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Nokia made a few mistakes with its ambitious N-Gage, which is considered one of the biggest gaming flops of all time. For one, the company took on the almighty Nintendo, which had a lock on the portable gaming market. Nokia also failed in its design, creating a product that was neither a comfortable phone nor a comfortable handheld console. In order to swap out games, you actually had to take out the battery, which certainly didn’t help its market appeal. It was also $200 more than the Game Boy Advance.

Even in terms of technical specs, the N-Gage wasn’t completely ahead of the GBA. While the former did have 3D capabilities, it also came with a smaller screen that had a lower resolution. With all of these factors rolled together, the N-Gage was doomed from the start. speculated that the N-Gage was “the right product at the wrong time.” Indeed, had the timing been different, perhaps it would be remembered as something more than one of the most bizarre console failures ever.

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