Tuesday, May 11, 2021

This Breaking Bad Character Created Heisenberg

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Hank doesn’t just provide the brainwave for Walt’s master moneymaking plan. He also inadvertently makes the crucial introduction that kicks off Heisenberg’s whole enterprise when he agrees to take Walt on a ride-along for a raid on a meth lab. While Hank’s agents are inside arresting Emilio Koyama (John Koyama), Walt is in the back of Hank’s van noticing Emilio’s partner escaping out a window. He recognizes the fleeing suspect as his old student Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), and tracks him down in order to blackmail him into helping him with some of the less savory aspects of the business he intends to enter.

Without Hank to unwittingly kickstart this partnership, Walt’s options for trying to make the type of money he was after might have been limited to taking on more shifts at the car wash or trying to beg his way back into Gray Matter Technologies, the company he co-founded after graduate school but left before it hit it big. Without Jesse’s experience and assistance, he might not have lasted long enough in the meth business to develop the ruthlessness to become Heisenberg, either.

And so, in true hero fashion, Hank ends up creating his greatest nemesis of all. Now that’s a classic origin story.

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