Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Things Only Adults Notice In Among Us

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If you’re a crewmate in Among Us, you might want to just go about your business and complete all of your tasks before you’re gruesomely murdered. If you do that, the game claims you’ve “won,” but according to in-game canon, that’s exactly why imposters are such a huge problem.

The game’s official DLC descriptions state MIRA HQ and Polus should be imposter free, yet shapeshifters infect those locations. Even though the game claims crewmates win if they keep the ship up and running, that’s only in the short run. In the long run, once all the tasks are complete, the imposters are free to kill all the remaining crewmates since in reality decisions aren’t stuck in a compartmentalized vacuum.

The only true way to ensure a crew’s safety is to eject all the imposters, but then the crewmates are only safe until they dock. After that, the surviving team is potentially cross-contaminated with a new team that fixed their ship instead of hunted imposters, which means the threat starts all over again.

The mantra “Stay calm and carry on” does not apply when you have to think ahead to root out murderous shapeshifters. Most children haven’t mastered the art of planning ahead like that.

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