Tuesday, January 26, 2021

The zombie comedy you need to watch on HBO Max

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The Dead Don't Dies dazzling ensemble cast is enough on its own to entice most people into checking it out. The film stars Bill Murray and Adam Driver as two straight-faced, nonchalant police officers named Cliff Robertson and Ronnie Peterson, who work in the small town of Centerville. Add in Chloë Sevigny playing the anxious Officer Mindy Morrison, Selena Gomez as Zoe, a young woman just passing through town with her friends, Tilda Swinton as a Scottish undertaker, and a boatload of other big names boasting even bigger talent, and The Dead Don't Die shoots to the top of anyone's to-watch list. Who wouldn't want to see Steve Buscemi, Danny Glover, Carol Kane, and RZA fight off a zombie apocalypse? If that's not enough, how about a flesh-eating, coffee-loving Iggy Pop?

The Dead Don't Die is directed by Jim Jarmusch, who has worked previously with many of these cast members on other projects, including Murray in his 2005 film Broken Flowers and Swinton in 2013's Only Lovers Left Alive. Murray has already made his mark on zombie films with his crazy appearance in Zombieland as himself, but in The Dead Don't Die, he's the headlining star. That alone is worth the price of admission. A worthy addition to the zombie genre, Jarmusch's film is a self-aware delight. You'll love watching this cast of colorful characters work to figure out why, exactly, the dead just won't die.

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