Friday, April 23, 2021

The Xbox 360 puzzle racing game you should play

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Trials HD placed players in the role of a daring motorcyclist.

The onscreen biker was presented with a series of tracks jam packed with obstacles, ramps, and other hazards that stood in the way of players’ progress. In order to reach the end of each stage, players needed to manipulate their rider’s movements as they grew accustomed to Trials HD’s real-to-life physics-based movement mechanics.

Each track is laid out on a 2D plane, so players could only move forwards and backwards. And whenever a rider went airborne, they’d have the ability to pull off a bevy of flips. After pulling off said tricks, however, players would have to be careful and make sure their rider landed on their wheels, instead of their head or back.

Trials HD’s addictive gameplay, high challenge factor, and freeform level editor, pushed it to become a beloved release among XBLA titles. Critics and gamers alike hold it in high regard, as evidenced by its Metacritic score, which sits at a respectable 86.

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