Tuesday, May 11, 2021

The Walking Dead Moments That Outraged Fans

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Season six of The Walking Dead is chock-full of moments that made its loyal fans irate. But few episodes outraged fans more than “Thank You,” the season’s third episode. Towards the end of the installment, fan-favorite character Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) finds himself trapped in an alleyway with Nicholas (Michael Traynor) with a horde of walkers headed their way. The two men climb onto a dumpster to avoid the ravening dead. Rather than attempt to fight the walkers off, however, Nicholas opts to end his own life, and ends up pulling Glenn down with him into the mass of walkers beside the dumpster. When the camera zooms to capture the crowd, viewers see a body being torn apart, but are unable to confirm whether the body belongs to Glenn or Nicholas.

Many viewers watched “Thank You” and assumed Glenn was a goner. However, some fans correctly predicted Glenn’s supposed death was a fake-out. In the end, writers made fans wait three more episodes to reveal that Glenn made it out by hiding underneath the dumpster.

Fans were not only angered by being forced to wait several episodes to learn that Glenn was alive, they were also irked by the improbability of him surviving such an event. Since the walkers often infect humans by biting exposed flesh, it makes little sense that Glenn could have crawled to safety without getting bitten, with little more than a t-shirt for protection.

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