Tuesday, August 3, 2021

The unexpectedly dark Mario game you’ve never heard of

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No, this isn’t a joke. Released in 1983, Mario’s Bombs Away has the player serving their part in the war effort. In Mario’s Bombs Away, the player must move from left to right through a jungle delivering bombs. On the left side of the screen, Mario receives one; on the right side of the screen, he delivers one. Easy, right? Well, the issue is that the enemy is attempting to light Mario’s bombs as he passes — and he has to deliver a total of five bombs to win.

The gall of the enemy, trying to light the bomb before he… kills them all.

One of only six games released for the Game & Watch Panorama, Mario’s Bombs Away didn’t exactly make a big splash. But it’s actually a pretty competent game, and only one of the games that places a terrified Mario in army fatigues while holding a lit bomb.

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