Saturday, April 10, 2021

The unexpected Criminal Minds relationship fans wanted

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As JJ and Emily were both on the show for over 100 episodes — JJ from the very first season, with Emily joining in season 2 — they had plenty of time to develop a strong bond, lovingly dubbed “Jemily” by fans. Now that the show has ended, though, fans are mourning the relationship that could have been. Reddit user u/4everspencerreid posted photos of JJ and Emily holding hands, writing, “Be honest do you think about them dating.”

Several commenters expressed their support for the couple, with user u/crruss admitting, “Yes I think about them dating all the time haha. Okay not all the time but whenever I watch the show for sure” and saying that “they have great chemistry.”

YouTube user Roni Bo-bani commented on one of the many YouTube compilations of their tender moments together, writing, “I just wanna say that when JJ was kidnapped and tortured, nearly on her last string of giving up she didn’t imagine [her husband] Will saving her, she didn’t imagine Reid saving her or Hotch, it was Emily. She imagined Emily when she was on deaths front door. Let that sink in.”

The two of them often comforted each other in hard moments, leading many fans to feel that they were perfectly set up to become a couple.

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