Wednesday, April 14, 2021

The underrated Rare video game that was one of the best

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Rare’s Blast Corps landed on the N64 in 1997.

Players look down on their destructible play spaces (of which there were 57) from a top-down perspective. Eight vehicles are at everyone’s disposal and are relied upon to take down all sorts of structures as players are tasked with clearing the path for an incoming nuclear missile carrier. There’s a lot of fun to be had, as you can actively switch between each vehicle during gameplay and figure out which one of them is best utilized during certain situations. For example, the robot had the ability to go airborne and smash buildings underneath its heavy frame.

The puzzle portion of Blast Corps rears its head when players have to use machinery to solve a myriad of environmental brain teasers. Besides crushing everything there is in front and beside you, players also have to take on additional objectives from time to time. Those tasks usually entail transporting timed explosives and bridging gaps.

The best version of Blast Corps can be experienced on the Rare Replay compilation, which is available on Xbox One.

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