Friday, April 23, 2021

The Twilight Zone season 2 deleted scene

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If “Ovation” sounds like it’s right up your alley in the drama-thriller-horror department, you’ll be pleased to know that The Twilight Zone season 2 has plenty more episodes that hit similar beats and offer up tons of heart-racing moments. But make no mistake: The series’ second season spans a sizable range of themes and swims around in many different genre pools.

The season 2 premiere, “Meet in the Middle,” is a dark, twisted exploration into unhappy marriages, deception, and violence — all framed around a man who believes he may be experiencing dissociative identity disorder. The Twilight Zone season 2 then veers into spooky sci-fi thriller territory in the very next episode, “Downtime,” which follows a newly promoted hotel manager who comes to question her reality after a strange object appears in the sky. More of that same vibe can be found in the season’s sixth episode, “8,” starring Joel McHale, Michelle Ang, Nadia Hilker, Brandon Jay McLaren, and Tim Armstrong. “8” finds a group of scientists identifying a species of squid that’s both highly intelligent and has the potential to cause great harm to their lives.

Throughout the season, there are also time loops; confessions of love; a miniature model hidden in a church that, when altered, changes its real-life counterpart in the exact same ways; strange eggs, aliens, and body-swapping scenarios; and a teenage girl with psychic abilities. In short, The Twilight Zone season 2 has something for everyone to enjoy.

The Twilight Zone season 2 will be available on DVD on Tuesday, January 12. A Blu-ray release is coming soon.

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