Tuesday, May 11, 2021

The Real Reason These Disney Movies Never Got A Sequel

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Once Who Framed Roger Rabbit became one of the biggest movies of 1988, the next course of action was obvious. It was time for a sequel, or more specifically, a prequel. According to Collider, the studio went through multiple iterations of what a Roger Rabbit prequel would look like. These included The Toon Platoon, which would’ve seen a young Roger Rabbit finding himself enlisted into World War II. There was also a separate Roger Rabbit origin story entitled Who Discovered Roger Rabbit, which would’ve been a musical set on the streets of Broadway.

Despite all the efforts to fashion a proper follow-up for Who Framed Roger Rabbit, constant problems kept the sequel from coming to fruition. For one thing, Roger Rabbit producer Steven Spielberg had a strained relationship with Disney. All potential Roger Rabbit projects had to get his approval, and that became difficult to acquire. But the biggest issue turned out to be related to the film’s budget. When it was revealed the project would cost over $100 million to make, Disney put it on the backburner.

In the years since, people associated with the original Roger Rabbit, including director Robert Zemeckis, have constantly expressed their excitement over the sequel’s script. However, they’ve simultaneously expressed pessimism over the idea of Disney actually producing it. “The current corporate Disney culture has no interest in Roger, and they certainly don’t like Jessica at all,” Zemeckis grimly noted in 2016.

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