Friday, April 23, 2021

The most powerful Pokemon ranked

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Pokemon Diamond and Pearl went above in beyond when doling out power to its Legendary Pokemon. The Legendaries featured on the box art of each game in the series’ fourth generation (including third entry Pokemon Platinum Version) control time, space and antimatter respectively.

Diamond‘s Dialga is the Pokemon that controls time and Platinum‘s Giratina holds dominion over antimatter. While these abilities are metaphysical in scale and formidable in their own right, they pale in comparison to Palkia’s command of the very space inhabited by all things.

Control over time is useless in battle, given that no amount of manipulation is going to prevent what’s already going to happen from occurring at a given point in space-time. Only when teamed up with the psychic Calyrex would this skill become dangerous.

Furthermore, scientists are still actively studying antimatter, so no fair method exists to assess its impact on Poke-power.

Manipulating space, however, means controlling the conditions in which a battle, or virtually any other situation, takes place, since space could refer to ground, air, or the confines of any physical object. Ultimately, this boundless source of strength is capable of overpowering all but three Pokemon.

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