Saturday, April 10, 2021

The Mom episodes that fans skip when rewatching

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Christy Plunkett — the recovering alcoholic and daughter of Bonnie played by Anna Faris on the show’s first seven seasons — is a single mother who has occasional romantic interests. Fans apparently don’t love it when episodes focus on that part of her life.

“So I usually re-watch Mom while I’m doing boring stuff and I noticed that I always skip episodes where Christy’s dating,” Reddit user fvig2001 wrote. “It’s usually cringey.”

fvig2001 specifically cited the episodes where Christy dates Adam, the awkward engineer played by Justin Long in season 1; David, the hard-partying fireman played by Nick Zano, also in season 1; and Patrick (Steven Weber), the brother of her mother’s fiancé Adam Janikowski (William Fichtner), whom she briefly dated in season 5. Per this Redditor, “He’s bearable when he’s introduced only but the whole storyline was kind of ‘eh.'”

User miker279 concurred with the building consensus. “I skip all of those, especially the Patrick one,” they wrote. “I don’t like the actor or the character at all. The fact that Christy was smitten with him was a bit ridiculous to me as well.”

User really_thirsty_lemon agreed about Patrick, writing that he “seemed too old for Christy,” but disagreed about Adam, writing that it was a “decent storyline” about two awkward people who actually liked each other, but Christy wasn’t ready to be in a relationship.

These fans won’t have to worry about any more Christy dating episodes, as Anna Faris left the show before the current season. Maybe she met someone.

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