Tuesday, May 11, 2021

The Michelle Pfeiffer role that doesn’t make her cringe

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With over three decades since its release, it’s easy to understand why Susie Diamond in The Fabulous Baker Boys is one role Pfeiffer doesn’t mind looking back on. She earned a Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination for playing the escort-turned-singer. “It is one of the performances that doesn’t make me cringe,” says Pfeiffer. “I was terrified to do that singing and it was a lot of hard work, and I have such fond memories working with those Bridges boys and with Steve Kloves. I had read that script five years prior, but nobody wanted to make it with me, and somehow it came back to me. And so it meant a lot to me for so many reasons. Actually Jeff and I have been torturing Steve about doing a sequel.”

If you’re impressed by Pfeiffer’s ability with a whip, keep in mind that in The Fabulous Baker Boys, there is no voice double used for any of the incredible song performances Pfeiffer gives. It should be no surprise Pfeiffer sounded as good as she does, though, considering she spent ten hours a day in a studio, preparing for the role.

As for a sequel, anything is possible. Back in 2010, Pfeiffer appeared at the Oscars, and during the nomination for Best Actor, floored the audience with her memories of Jeff Bridges while filming The Fabulous Baker Boys. “I watched him play with his three toe-head daughters in between set-ups. And I saw that you can have a career, and a strong marriage, and a family, and manage to turn out year after year, great performances,” said Pfeiffer, going so far as to call her fellow actor “an amazing human being.”

So, The Fabulous Baker Boys 2? Don’t rule it out. Just don’t expect another scene where Pfeiffer stands on the piano. “It could be fun,” said Pfeiffer. “But no, probably [I] won’t be on a piano.”

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