Sunday, February 28, 2021

The meaningful cameos you missed in Wonder Woman 1984

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While people are mostly focused on the big cameo in the film's post-credits scene, for understandable reasons, there's another cameo in one of the film's last few scenes that they are probably missing. Speaking with Kevin McCarthy with GoodDayDC, via Pinkvilla, Gadot revealed that her two daughters and husband, Yaron Versano, all appear in the scene at the end of the film when Diana walks around a snowy street through what looks like a little Christmas fair, Merry-Go-Round and all.

As Diana walks, she gets hit with a stray snowball, thrown by a young girl and boy playing. The two kids in question are Gadot's oldest daughter, Alma, and director Patty Jenkins's son, Asa. Later on in the scene, the camera moves through the celebration, showcasing a little toddler and her father on the carousel. This little girl happens to be Gadot's other daughter, Maya, with her husband watching over her.

Gadot spoke about how meaningful both the film and the family cameos are to her and Jenkins. She said, “This movie is more than just a movie for us, for me, for Patty,” and “I couldn't have done the movie without the support of my amazing family.” On top of that, Gadot was pregnant with Maya during reshoots for Wonder Woman, which adds significance, and both Gadot's and Jenkins's families have grown close over the course of both films. For her family to be included in Wonder Woman 1984, Gadot said that it “meant a lot, and it's an amazing, amazing souvenir that we will forever cherish.”

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