Tuesday, May 11, 2021

The important Breaking Bad episode fans need to rewatch

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The family drama in Breaking Bad was always one of its high points, and the slow-building tension and animosity between Walt and his wife Skyler (Anna Gunn) over the course of five seasons led to many of its most memorable moments – none more so than what goes down after Walt returns home from the desert in “Ozymandias.”

Walter Jr. (RJ Mitte) is still reeling from the knowledge that his parents don’t actually just run a car wash. Walt wants everyone to hurry and pack their stuff so they can skip town before it’s too late. Holly won’t stop crying. Amidst the quickly-building tension, Skyler has come to the conclusion that Walt killed Hank, and that’s her breaking point. In the course of a few chaotic minutes, Skyler slashes Walt with the kitchen knife she grabbed to defend herself, he tackles her to the ground as they fight over the weapon, and even Walter Jr. joins the fray before he calls the police. Walt then panics, grabs a bag and his daughter, and leaves before Skyler can stop him.

Not only is it one of the most intense scenes out of any Breaking Bad episode, but it also marks the most important breaking point for Walt. He’s resorted to intimidation for so long, that when it no longer works on Skyler, he realizes he’s running out of options. Combine that knowledge with the terror he sees on his family’s face at how badly things have deteriorated between them, and it’s no wonder he sees no other choice but to run.

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