Sunday, May 9, 2021

The Horror Movie Moments That Actually Made Fans Physically Ill

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For original poster u/Ashamed_Rips, the last ten minutes of 2013 remake Evil Dead were just too much. For those unfamiliar, the movie ends with a showdown between main character Mia and the Taker of Souls demon. The fight involves chainsaw, a staple of the Evil Dead franchise, but the battle itself is a bloodfest, as blood literally rains from the sky. The original The Evil Dead had one of the bloodiest endings in horror history, so the remake definitely follows in its footsteps.

For u/Whoreace_Bones, the brain removal scene from Bloodsucking Freaks is what did it. For the uninitiated, Bloodsucking Freaks is a 1976 splatter party about a theater that puts on sadomasochistic performances that they claim are staged but are in fact real.

Redditor u/NefariousMuppet recalled the dismemberment scene from Wolf Creek 2, the sequel to the film about the murderous bushman in the Australian outback, specifically the moment when Mick removes his victim’s lungs, noting that the victim was a non-smoker. NefariousMuppet claimed it wasn’t them who threw up but another person in the theater. Sure it was, NefariousMuppet, sure it was.

Redditor u/trailer_trash_dreams made the mistake of watching Peter Jackson’s 1992 gore-drenched Dead Alive (a.k.a. Braindead) while their uncle was cooking gumbo, ruining gumbo for them forever. Dead Alive was a popular answer on the thread overall.

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