Monday, May 10, 2021

The Expanse Season 5 Finale Ending Explained

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After dealing a serious blow to Inaros’ war efforts, the Roci heads to Luna, where Holden and Naomi have a bittersweet reunion with Amos. There’s a sad acknowledgement that the Roci is now down to three original crew members, and then Amos pulls a clever guilt trip on Holden as he introduces him to the newest member of the team: Claire, aka Peaches (Nadine Nicole), who needs somewhere to go after Amos busted her out of prison back on Earth.

Everybody then gathers at a bar to celebrate their victories. Avasarala tells the assembled parties that the crew of the Roci — made up of Belters, Earthers, and Martians — working together is what Inaros hates, and that in order to beat him, she wants there to be more cooperation between the factions.

When Inaros initially attacked the Inner planets and broadcasted a message to the solar system in which he decried the abusive treatment the Belters have suffered at the hands of the Inners, it was hard to not have some amount of empathy. However, as we learned more about his personal life throughout The Expanse season 5, it became clear that while he may have presented himself as fighting for the underdogs, Inaros is a bully. He may claim to have the Belters’ best interest at heart, but his extreme actions — combined with how we saw him treat Naomi and their son, Filip (Jasai Chase Owens) — make it clear that he’s more interested in using the Belters’ legitimate grievances in his own personal quest to gain power.

Avasarala, who advocated against taking extreme punitive actions against Belters in the wake of Inaros’ attacks, clearly understands this. She knows that the way to beat Inaros isn’t through force, but through diplomacy.

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