Saturday, February 27, 2021

The epic Justice League game that never saw release

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Double Helix Games was tapped to work on a Justice League video game for PS3 and Xbox 360.

The game was set up as a movie tie-in for a film about the team that was under development at the time, and what makes that film sound even grander was the fact that George Miller was put in the director's chair for it. As for the game itself, it was simply titled Justice League and was slated to be a third-person beat 'em up. Players were slated to take control of one of the team's finest and travel to recognizable DC Comics locales to beat down waves of baddies.

Along with taking down a flood of villains, players would get to engage in boss encounters with major foes such as Mongul, Professor Zoom, and Sinestro. A Versus mode was also slated for the game, which would allow two players to choose Justice League members and even the game's bosses for 1v1 arena battles.

Justice League never saw the light of day, however. The film was shelved beforehand, while the game was cancelled sometime in 2010.

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