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The ending of Lupin season 1 explained

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Before Raul is snatched, Lupin shows audiences a series of flashbacks that contextualize Assane and Claire’s relationship. Before arriving at the beach, we see Claire speaking to her therapist about the kind of man Assane is. Between glimpses of his work fooling police and tricking an older woman into giving him her expensive and precious valuables, Claire describes behavior we’ve seen from Assane in the present day. Despite relaying that she feels like they could be soulmates, she also sees major red flags, and it makes her unsure of the nature of their relationship and whether she wants to be something more with him. She doesn’t really know who he is — including what he does — and it concerns her. 

In a flashback following their trio’s arrival on the train, viewers are shown another side of Assane — the philanderer. While out to lunch with Ben, Juliette Pellegrini — Hubert’s daughter — arrives, and Assane follows her to the bathroom. The two are flirty, and it soon becomes clear that Assane is having an affair. While Juliette is more committed than ever to their tryst, he tells her it was a mistake and breaks it off with the distraught Pellegrini. 

Later, in yet another flashback, Assane and Claire sit across from each other at a restaurant, despite her request to meet in a quiet and private place. This is when she breaks the news: she’s pregnant. It’s clear Claire is unsure how he will respond, but his reaction is one of overwhelming positivity. Assane announces to the restaurant that he is an expectant father before quickly seeing the older woman he stole jewels from and telling Claire that they should leave.  

The final time jump once again features the couple, only this time they’re going back and forth about baby names. Their baby’s due date is then also revealed to be December 11 — the day of Lupin writer Maurice Leblanc’s birthday. It’s the same day they go to the beach in the present day, where Raoul dresses up and is snatched from the crowd. 


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