Tuesday, May 11, 2021

The Drug Mission That Didn’t Make It Into GTA 5

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“Lines of Coke,” in classic GTA Online fashion, involved ripping off some coke dealers. It starts off with the player ambushing a drug deal and killing everyone involved. The GPS inside one of the drug dealers’ Grangers directs the player to the depot in Burro Heights. At the depot, the player shoots more dealers, then hacks their laptop to find the location of the supplier. This takes the player to the Los Santos International Airport. At the airport, the player blows up the supplier’s private jet, then clears out a hangar full of enemies guarding a whole lot of cocaine. The player steals the drugs and takes them back to Madrazo’s house to end the mission.

The mission’s existence was accidentally revealed along with many others in the months following GTA Online‘s release, when the Rockstar servers accidentally made the missions available. Many of these deleted missions were actually early drafts of ones that made it into the final game. “Lines of Coke” plays out very much like the GTA Online mission “The Los Santos Connection.” Most likely “Lines of Coke” evolved into “The Los Santos Connection,” thought it could have been intended to be its own job.

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