Tuesday, May 11, 2021

The Comedy Series That Everyone’s Binging On Netflix

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While Daughter From Another Mother has obvious ties to classic comedies like Yours, Mine & Ours, The Brady Bunch, or Freeform’s Switched at Birth, the series is witty and hilarious, grounded by the fantastic performances of the cast. The two vastly different mothers, Mariana (Paulina Goto), a relaxed college student in her early 20s, and Ana (Ludwika Paleta), an organized businesswoman, continue to clash from the moment they meet. Their differences extend beyond personality, as the two women have very different beliefs surrounding motherhood and lifestyle. After the hospital tells them of the accidental switch, Ana invites Mariana to live with her and her family as they transition through the switch back.

Daughter From Another Mother works so well because of the two main actresses and their perfect chemistry. Along with that, the series does a great job focusing on the women’s developing relationship as they work through issues of motherhood and everyday struggles together. The comedy in Daughter From Another Mother is relatable and extremely funny, no matter the audience’s language, due to the adept skill of the writers, the actors, and of course, the translators.

If you’re looking for a new show to binge and love crazy family comedies akin to Catastrophe and Better Things, Daughter From Another Mother is exactly what you need.

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