Tuesday, May 11, 2021

The Comedy-Horror Hidden Gem You Can Watch On Hulu Plus

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Horror fans will be delighted when they uncover this slasherific horror morsel on Hulu Plus.

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The hidden Avengers easter egg you missed in God of War

Atreus is actually God of War's representation of the Norse god Loki. Of course, God of War's iteration of Loki involves far more mystery and intrigue than the Marvel Cinematic Universe's version of Loki.

The music easter egg hidden in dozens of Nintendo games

The first title to feature "Totaka's Song," was, fittingly, the first game on which Totaka worked.

The Bizarre On-Set Injury Harry Potter’s Matthew Lewis Kept Hidden

In Order of the Phoenix, during the fight in the Hall of Mysteries at the Ministry of Magic, Bellatrix captures Neville and holds him with her wand pointed at his throat and head.


Underrated horror movies you can watch on HBO Max

When unabashed B-movie throwback Eight Legged Freaks came out in 2002, it fared about as well with critics as you would imagine a movie featuring David Arquette fighting giant mutated spiders would be.

The Cate Blanchett Murder Mystery Flop Getting A Second Chance On Hulu

If The Gift sounds to you like ten pounds of weird in a five-pound sack, you're not alone.

The Underrated Family Sitcom You Can Binge On Hulu Right Now

Girl drops off the child they have together at the boy's doorstep years later, forcing him to get his act together. 

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