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The Cobra Kai stunt that took Mary Mouser 20 takes

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The Cobra Kai stunt team have got to be some of the hardest-working people in showbiz, as at least one cast member — Jacob Bertrand, who portrays Eli “Hawk” Moskowitz — has estimated (via TV Line) that 90 percent of the time, it’s the actual cast members you see onscreen karate-ing their hearts out. If it seems like they’ve required more and more of Mouser with each season, well, she’d probably agree with you. During season 3, Sam had occasion to train with (and eventually use) a traditional weapon known as a bo staff — and for Mouser, learning proper technique didn’t exactly come easy.

“I basically got handed a bo staff midway through the season, and [the stunt coordinators] were like, ‘By the way, you’re gonna use this at some point,'” Mouser said in a separate sitdown with Collider. “I was like, ‘Oh! Am I? Cool, cool!'” To her dismay, though, it turned out that some of her fellow cast members were a bit more comfortable with the weapon than she was. “As soon as I was holding it in my hand, everybody on set became a baton twirler,” she said. “Everybody’s like, ‘Oh my god, in high school I did flag! In high school I was a baton twirler!’ So everybody’s grabbing the bo staff, doing all this cool stuff, [and] I was like, ‘Great. I need to learn how to wield that thing.'”

Of course, just like with that confounded tornado kick, the star eventually found her comfort zone. We wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised to see her upping her game yet further for Cobra Kai‘s upcoming fourth season — because when it comes to butt-kicking fight sequences, the series, its stunt team, and its young cast just seem to keep topping themselves.

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