Tuesday, August 3, 2021

The Bulletstorm Detail That Forever Changed The Ending

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Bulletstorm’s main hero is a foul-mouthed solider named Grayson Hunt. After coming to the realization that his old commanding officer General Victor Sarrano exploited him into murdering innocents, Hunt takes it upon himself to exact revenge on Sarrano.

Hunt eventually runs into Sarrano and finally manages to kill him in the most painful way possible. Before that final encounter takes place, the bodies pile up and one of Hunt’s own teammates, Ishi Sato, meets his end. After the credits roll, an extra bit of dialogue can be overheard. Players come to find out that Sarrano has been brought back to life in cyborg form. And what’s even more shocking is the fact that Ishi was also brought back — under the control of Sarrano’s evil forces.

That cliffhanger obviously left the door wide open for a sequel. However, Bulletstorm’s disappointing sales closed that door shut. People Can Fly would like to make another Bulletstorm, but it looks like that dream may never come to fruition.

Maybe Outriders will at least feature an easter egg that honors Bulletstorm in some way.

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