Saturday, April 10, 2021

The brutal Vikings scene fans hoped for at the end

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One of the prominent storylines of season 6B is the journey of Ubbe (Jordan Patrick Smith) and a band of his compatriots from Iceland to the shores of what the drifter Othere (Ray Stevenson) promised was a “Golden Land.” When the group arrives, they find that their new home more than lives up to Othere’s predictions. They also quickly learn that the Golden Land (the eastern coast of modern day Canada) already has inhabitants of its own, one of whom is the long-lost shipbuilder Floki (Gustaf Skarsgård).

Floki has been living there among the indigenous people for a while, and he makes the proper introductions in the hopes that Ubbe’s party will be able to cohabitate in peace. Unfortunately, that project is short-lived. One of Ubbe’s men, Naad (Ian Lloyd Anderson), is caught trying to find gold to steal. When he’s confronted by a young indigenous man named We’jitu (Phillip Lewitski), Naad responds by slitting his throat. He’s quickly caught, and it becomes clear to Ubbe that in order to keep the peace, he must give Naad a severe punishment.

There is a discussion about what should be done, which results in Ubbe declaring, “Othere tells me we are to behave differently here. This is a new world … but I’m not so convinced. I think that our old laws would serve us very well here. The gods are present …”

And so, Ubbe sentences Naad to the dreaded blood eagle. But when the time comes to carry out the deed, Ubbe has a last minute change of heart. With Naad in position to receive the brutal punishment, Ubbe instead chooses to quickly put the man down by slitting his throat. It was an act of mercy that left some fans feeling disappointed.

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