Friday, April 23, 2021

The Bad Boys spinoff that everyone’s binging on Netflix

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If Marcus Burnett was apprehensive about his sister Syd (Gabrielle Union) dating his partner, Mike, we wonder how he feels about her getting her own show in the Bad Boys franchise. L.A.’s Finest saw two seasons of production and release by Spectrum Originals as an exclusive for Spectrum cable subscribers, the first of which has made its way to Netflix, after hitting regular broadcast airwaves via Fox in September 2020 (via Deadline).

The show follows ex-DEA agent Sydney “Syd” Burnett after she leaves life as a fed and joins the LAPD. She’s partnered up with Nancy McKenna (Jessica Alba) in a successful gender flip on the buddy cop dynamic. The show also features veteran actor and typecasting victim Ernie Hudson as a series regular in the role of Syd and Marcus’ estranged father, Joseph Vaughn, an ex-LAPD cop (of course).

Sadly, L.A.’s Finest was canceled after its second season, but viewers can binge 13 episodes of the first season as they await the potential arrival of L.A.’s Finest season 2, or check out other Netflix series to watch.

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